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Brunel's Experiment in Tyler Hill Tunnel (DOGA Journal Spring 2022)

Brunel's Experiment in Tyler Hill Tunnel (FHMRC Fishplate Magazine)

Wealth of info on the cloud Letter

Glory to county of Canterbury Letter

South Eastern Railway Canterbury to Ramsgate extension opens in 1846

Easter crowds cheered first train to town

The other Archbishop who met grisly end

Why did old friends fall out?

How King Henry II fell out with his friend Thomas Becket

How the Kentish Gazette reported the wars imminent end

Planning for peace and social security

Dunkirk Evacuation

Nuclear Espionage, the Cambridge Five and the Spy Who Came In From The Coop

Wartime Kent Chief Constable Who Amalgamated Borough Forces

Still chugging along after three decades

The election scandal that rocked city

Brunel's city visit to test tunnel vision

Never have we fought for a cause so just

Rail link ensured supplies reached front-line

Party time for city when first train pulled in

It is now Hitler's turn to harbour fears

High speed? First commute took four hours!

Looking back at our bobbies on the beat

Looking back at life at the Chislet coalface

Stuttering start to The Beaney's Life

1846 service heralded a new dawn in rail travel

Case for reopening Elham Valley line

Rail link restoration

Restoring line cost effective

Restore home rule to City of Canterbury

Festival atmosphere for Ramsgate train

How Thomas Becket and Henry II fell out

Bells were rung and flags hoisted for new arrival

It's full steam ahead for Canterbury

University archives help should be fully credited

Learning for masses comes to Canterbury

The floods that resurrected Harbledown's railway link

Suspicions rife over German links to a Kent coal company

The rise and fall of an east Kent coal mine

Rapid rise and fall of king coal in Kent

Archbishop paid for opposition with life

How we lost our county status after five centuries

Online petition to highlight problem

Pioneering greats of our early railway networks

How 1940s police chiefs shaped our modern force

City policing system has ancient origins

Time and space

Its lift-off for moon landing education site